Tom Waldock

Waldock / Stearns Farm


Tom isn’t one to back down from a challenge. It only takes one glance to see the intensity in his eyes. When the land is your livelihood, there’s little time for joking around. His persistence and strong nature developed as a second-generation farmer and has now been at the helm of the family business for over 40 years.

“If we are looking at renting a farm, and it’s not tiled, we’re not interested.”

With a booming population and not enough farmland to go around, growing more food in less space has become increasingly important. And farmers like Tom are using tile as a long-term investment because, today, high yields are more important than ever. With 3,500 acres of his own, which includes everything from corn to pumpkins, Tom knows the importance of proper drainage solutions. His operation tiles religiously every year, and about 85% (and counting) of his land is currently tiled.

Tom’s seen such a return on investment over the years that he said, “Even if we are looking at renting a farm, and it’s not tiled, we’re not interested.” He often sees a 10% increase in yield, and some of the vegetables he grows are so dependent upon water that, without tiling, they couldn’t grow. On average, the tile pays for itself in five years, and Tom’s advocacy goes beyond the measurable returns. It prevents wear and tear on equipment and enables him to work in a field that’s dry and ready. For Tom, investing in his business is a no-brainer.

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